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hello! calls  (for restos, cafes, beaches, etc.)

With hello! calls your premise receives on PC and mobiles various calls from customers. No more customer searching for your staff to pay, to order, to ask. Your customer just scans or taps and off you are to attend his request. No apps, no logins! Watch this one minute 📹 (in progress...)


Try it out yourself! 🛠  Click for customer and premise. 

To appreciate the design, experience and interaction open both above links in two different windows! Calls can be fully customized for your needs and the interface for your brand.

For our low cost and 100% transparent pricing see the TAG PLAN at the pricing page


hello! calls- A more relaxed way for your customer. A more fast way for you

hello! is a modular environment. Put calls, menus, bookings, evaluations, bonus schemes and much more to your customer fingertips

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