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See below our current 22 core hello! modules with many variants each. Check our conference suite here


Summer 2018


This free module introduces your hello! installation to your clients


Winter 2018

Technical problem

Text and go call; the module offers

a number of preset selections (e.g. missing towel) and the ability to enter text. The call have for statuses; [1] sent [2] received [3] in process [4] complete which the client is notified about. Client evaluation follows after completion


Spring 2018


The client selects and configures (if available) his breakfast and sets the time he wishes it delivered to his room. The module by design features no prices!


Winter 2018


The module allows you to set up miltilingual questionnaires for your clients. It then collects, proceses anmd repoprts on data collected. Do note that orders and calls have embedded their own service rating


Winter 2018

Internet radio

The module delivers internet radipo tpo your clients. The station broadcasting is RadioArt, a top quality station with channels that can fit any taste.


Winter 2018


The module is set up to provide fully customisable rich text information on your site and the broader area.


Winter 2018


This is useful for advertising partner facilities and for delivering to your clients vouchers for visiting them 


Winter 2018


The module delivers wifi credentials to your clients. It this way, the clients are required to download the hello! app. in order to log on to your wifi. Certain conditions may apply (need for a captive wifi portal)


Autumn 2018

Activity booking request

The user is introduced to a number of activities available at your site and can express his related interest. You will receive, in your server panel, an email notification that you can then follow up. This is an alternative and more simple version of the Booking module.


Winter 2018

Simple call (configurable)

Configurable and self explanatory touch and go calls, so that your client may notify you on his request. Such can be "I need water", I need a waiter", etc. The call is confirmed and your client is notified about it.


Autumn 2018

My account

The module rertrieves information on the client epxenses during his stay; connectivity with the HMS (hotel management system ) required


Winter 2018


The client selects among the menus available, configures (if available) his selections and defines his point of service; this can be [1] room delivery, [2] restaurant at a given time, [3] take away.


Winter 2018


The module allows you set up customer loyalty schemes. Based on policies you define, your clients collect bonus points that they reimburse [1] on check out or [2] when settling their rersaurant bills


Winter 2018


Booking services at the fingertips of your clients. Book saunas, restaurants, gyms, sun-beds, tables, cars, various appointments  or rooms. Unique features include:

  1. Staff availability time plan if the service booked is offered by distinct persons

  2. Graphical interface for selection of specific table or specific sunbed

  3. Ability to cancel, chat, pre- pay and loads of other features


Winter 2018

E- pay

The module loads your paymernt gateway and allows the customer to proceed to payment of his bill. Currently it is linked to reastaurant bills, it can however be extended to other services, if so required.


Winter 2018

Wake up call

Classical wake up call service delivered to the reception and confirmed back to your client


Autumn 2018


The module allows you to manage and deploy your web communication resources across any number of smart devices




Assists you in managing your maintenance tasks and optimizing the related communications among your staff. Maintenance tasks can be programmed in time (preventive maintenance) or may result in an ad-hoc way (corrective maintenance).

Download more info here


Winter 2018

Room service

Text and go call; the module offers

a number of preset selections (e.g. missing towel) and the ability to enter text. The call have for statuses; [1] sent [2] received [3] in process [4] complete which the client is notified about. Client evaluation follows after completion

DND ON.png

Summer 2018

Do not disturb

The client asks not to be disturbed for a given period of time that he specifies. The module resets automatically after the time lapses, or anytime, manually, by the client only. When DND has reset the image changes and shows OFF


Autumn 2017


The site can broadcast or send personalised meessages to its clients. They will be received on their clients' mobile along an audio notification (only possible in the app version) 


Winter 2018

Expression of interest

The module allows yous clients to register to excursions or other activities you may be organising at your site or with your partners. The image can of coure be configured according to the type of registration 


Winter 2018

Car reservation

You client can through an image based and rich text interface prebook a car.


Winter 2018

Real time

This module can deliver real time measurements of indoor conditions, pool quality data, beach wind speed, etc. to your client mobile. Electronic devices are required to capture this data. Do note that this in not a weather service...


Winter 2018

Member club

Registration to a member club to enjoy discounts and other privileges at certain partners' prem,ises. Should these use hello! the bonus points can be set up to be transfererable among the whole member club.


Winter 2019

Telemonitoring & Control

With this module we introduce our state of the art Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Use your mobile to talk with your devices, to see how they are doing, to tell them what to do! Shut off the lights, change your HVAC setpoints...One module, lots of applications!

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