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A bird's view

hello! is here to support your business with its innovative, cute, high tech, and extrovert personality. It has been designed to assist both your business as well as your clients' experience when interacting with you. Enjoy a resourceful communication with your customers, supervising and even creating their needs! It is natural that now you may just see an application. Get onto hello! and you will see a most sophisticated IoT platform, anticipating the smart building and business of tomorrow.


  • service automation 

  • high tech and innovative services 

  • targeted fast and expedient service 

  • staff decompression

  • human resource optimization

  • customer loyalty via bonus schemes

  • advertising space for third parties and partners

  • state of the art services such as information on the air quality, headcount of various spaces, etc.

  • business analytics on the productivity of your business and your client preferences


Customers scan with their mobile phone a discreet QR / NFC tag and obtain instant anonymous access to a number of services. Alternatively, your custom app can be used with a typical login/ registration process.
hello services! can range from simple calls (ask for the bill) to innovative applications (booking, real-time information, ordering). In either way, services are offered automatically and in the correct priority to where the customer is located, thus freeing him from inconvenient and often confusing procedures. hello! offers the opportunity for detailed adaptation to the needs of each position it supports. For example you can use hello! tags in both restaurants and in rooms. Different icons and applications will now show up, relevant to each context.
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