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Set your hello! conference up in three steps and a zero-risk approach

Its just a scan away! No logins, no passwords! 



  1. To test the conference interface (participant side) just scan the tag above OR click here, and log in immediately. You will be able to browse through the conference modules.

  2. To test the conference interface (organizer side) and appreciate how participant requests are managed, drop us a request via the 'contact' page and you will receive access codes.

Does your event have a public URL? Get a free license in three steps! 

  1. Fill in the information in the form here. For anti-spam purposes, event data (fields: email, event URL, START date) will need to be publicly verifiable or the set-up will not proceed. If your event can not be publicly verified you can still send us a message at 'Contact'. Apologies for any inconvenience!

  2. In 24h your conference app will be set-up. You will receive your event custom QR as well as instructions and credentials to set up and thoroughly test your conference app. You will have all the time until your event, to look into the app at no cost. We will respond to all inquiries within 24h. Setting the app up is easy and straightforward.

  3. Three days before your event starts the payment must be made. Failure to transfer the payment will result in your conference app being de-activated.

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